Bo Cross makes it to the weekend

Friday afternoon was a long day for Fight Like a Man Ministries Pro Bo Cross.  After weighing in early he now stood at the edge of his boyhood dream.  "I was in 14th place in an FLW Major Tour Event.  And I couldn't enjoy it, yet".  Bo knew there were many top notch and world class anglers who had yet to weigh in their day's catch.  Some were past Forrest Wood Cup Champions and Bass Master Classic Champions.  And it was a long wait.  "I couldn't watch, to be honest with you.  I paced around, talked to some of the others guys.  It was the longest hour of my life."  Then, it happened.  Someone weighed in more than Bo and he moved to 15th.  Then again and again.  Now, he was at 17th place knowing that only the top 20 out of almost 150 pro anglers would make it to the weekend.  "I started telling myself that I was just hoping to get a $10,000 check at best.  And I had done that.  So I was hoping to let myself down slowly when the inevitable came".  Sure enough, the next angler weighed in ahead of Bo.  Now, with still a few of the best anglers left to weigh in, he sat in 18th place.  And as soon as he thought he was out, the weigh in was over.  "I double checked about three times that it really was over.  I wasn't going to let myself celebrate until I knew for sure.  Then, Brad Maynard who heads up Fight Like a Man ministries calls me.  He had been watching it on FLW Live.   It started to sink in at that point.  When they called me to the top 20 meeting, I knew it was real.  It sounds like I won the Lottery or something, but this is a pretty big deal for me.  This is what I was hoping and praying for."

Many of the Pro's congratulated Bo on his success, many amazed it was his first FLW Major Event.  Bo also spent a lot of time talking to the fans and helping them take pictures of his boat.  "The Fight Like a Man boat rap definitely gets attention.  And I really am honored and thankful for their support.  I couldn't be fishing for a better organization.  The ministry truly changes lives everyday, I know that it changed mine."  Bo attended a 14 week series called "The Fight for Manhood" and that's when he knew he wanted to partner with them.  "I had gone to High School with Brad and saw him on the lake.  We struck back up a strong relationship and he invited me to go through the Fight for Manhood series.  It didn't take long for it to start changing my life for the better.  That's when we knew we had to team up.  I want as many men as possible to go through that program.  And I hope that our partnership will spread the word about it.  That's what is really important to me.  And if I win some tournaments on top of that, then of course that would be great too!"  For more information on Fight Like a Man Ministries you can visit them online.

The FLW Majors Division is the top Bass fishing tour in the world offering the largest prize ever for winning the championship, better known as the Forrest Wood Cup, which now totals more than $600,000.00.  Each regular season tournament the anglers fish for a first place prize of over $125,000.00.